Do you have all of the business you can handle, but still aren't making enough money?

Transform Your Business with 6 Cylinder Success®

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Business

At 6 Cylinder Success®, we specialize in turning potential into profitability. Our unique approach, the 6 Cylinder Success® System, is designed to revitalize and scale your business, ensuring that every aspect operates at peak efficiency.

When you attack a problem on multiple fronts using proven, tested methods, the chances of near-term, dramatic success increase exponentially.

When you attack a problem on a single front, you’d better hope it works.

In my world, ‘Hope” is not a business strategy.

A Systematic Approach to Growth

Our system is more than just business advice; it's a comprehensive strategy tailored to your specific needs. We focus on six key areas of your business:


Focuses on optimizing processes for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness, directly impacting your bottom line.


Build a team that's not only skilled but also aligned with your business's profitability goals, fostering a culture of success.


Focusing on financial analyze and management to strengthen your financial position, ensuring sustainable growth and increased profitability.

Rapid Results, Lasting Impact

Our system is not just a set of guidelines; it's a tailored solution designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities of your business. We focus on delivering rapid improvements, aiming for significant progress within 30-45 days, while laying the groundwork for long-term success.

Industries we work with

6 Cylinder Success® works across diverse industries, tailoring growth and profitability strategies to meet the unique needs of each business sector.







What Our Customers Are Saying..

Discover the impact of 6 Cylinder Success® through the words of our clients. Their experiences reflect our commitment to driving profitability and growth in every business we partner with.

Fred Fletcher
Fred Fletcher

President, Auto Repair Shop

When I met Frank, I was doing great work but not profitable. Under Frank's expert guidance and advice, I have turned my business into what I now call "a real business". With his programs, I feel (and I am) successful with my marketing and day to day business operations. Frank is simply the best!

Joe Trave
Joe Trave

Owner, Cabinetry

I along with my partners, worked closely with Frank for several years as we grew our small business. Frank was instrumental in keeping our ownership group accountable with specific measurable’s in order to achieve our goal of rapid growth along with increased productivity. During the years that we worked together, we were able to far exceed our growth expectations. Frank offers very clear, actionable items, that when put into motion can greatly increase profits for a small business. I would highly recommend Frank and his service to any small businesses looking to grow their company, reduce bottlenecks, and build a stronger workforce.

Philip Suppa
Philip Suppa

Business Insurance

I have been working with Frank since May 2015 and my sales have increased by 26% compared to the same period last year. Frank took the time to fully understand my business and he helped me figure out how to differentiate myself from my competition. He also helped me build a marketing plan to get the word out about me and the services I provide. We did this all on a shoestring budget and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I would highly recommend Frank to anyone who wants to grow their business!

Philip Donegan
Philip Donegan

Owner, Hampton Consulting

Frank is a fantastic resource. He helped changed Hampton Consulting/Benefits Quarterback from a 1 man band to what it is today; a team people purposely driven to help employers navigate the complex healthcare and HR tech marketplace. He helped establish best practices for goal setting aligned with financial reporting, taught us how to read the financial statements/ratios and solve issues related to these on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. I would recommend Frank / 6 Cylinder to anyone who wants to turn their small or life style business into something larger than the themselves!

Tim Drewers
Tim Drewers

Owner, Remodeling & Construction

People often ask me, "How's business?" "Really good." I reply. "Really good" used to mean If I double book jobs, work late nights, and some of the weekend, I think there may be enough money to pay bills. It was horrible. Today however, "Really good" has a new meaning- "Really profitable". In a very short time, Frank and 6 Cylinder Success training has increased profits significantly. Business is better, now life is better. I'm fortunate to have Frank advising me and my team. I would recommend Frank, without hesitation, to any business owner, tired of "really good" and wanting "really profitable".

Elliot Jolesch
Elliot Jolesch

Business Growth Expert

I met Frank Mummolo 3 years ago and first heard about his 6 Cylinder Success Course. The program intrigued me but I waited until now because of other commitments. Why I waited I will never understand. From the very first lesson I was able to apply things that Frank taught to help my clients and I have a degree in Accounting and an MBA in Management. Frank showed me better ways to explain complex topics to my clients so they would understand it and realize what they were doing wrong and how to correct the problems. He shows us real world solutions that he has used with his clients. Frank is an excellent instructor and is able to explain things that anyone can understand. I recommend Frank’s 6 Cylinder Success Course.

Lisa Caine
Lisa Caine

Business Growth Strategist

Frank is the consummate professional in detailed business analysis to seriously drive profit growth. His ability to identify the not-so-obvious flaws in business structure, process, systems, people, strategy and very importantly, finance, is second to none. Frank and I have been business advisory professionals in separate businesses over recent years working closely to educate and improve clients' knowhow while helping to overhaul their businesses to significantly superior profitability. Frank is a highly respected colleague and a delight to work with. His enquiring intellect ensures that every critical detail is addressed. If your business is in need of a profitability injection, Frank is your man!

Boost Your Business Profitability

Join the ranks of successful entrepreneurs who've transformed their businesses with the 6 Cylinder Success® system. Schedule your complimentary consultation and take the first step towards a more profitable future today!

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