About 6 Cylinder Success®

Frank Mummolo, Ph.D.,P.E.

Author, Speaker, Business Growth Strategist

A Pillar of Business Growth and Strategic Mastery

Introducing Frank Mummolo, a seasoned expert in the field of business growth and management. With over 25 years of senior management experience across diverse industries, Frank stands as a beacon of knowledge and success in the business world.

The Genesis of 6 Cylinder Success®

As the founder and Managing Director of MCA Consulting Services, Inc., Frank has dedicated his career to guiding businesses toward growth and profitability. His brainchild, the 6 Cylinder Success® Business Growth System, is a testament to his deep understanding of business dynamics. This system, refined over two decades, has been instrumental in driving significant revenue and profit increases for numerous businesses.

Insights Beyond the Boardroom

Beyond his consulting prowess, Frank is an accomplished author, with his work “Streetwise Marketing: How to Generate All the Leads Your Business Can Handle on a Shoestring Budget” offering invaluable insights into cost-effective marketing strategies. His role as a speaker on various business topics has made him a respected voice in the industry.

Why Engage with Frank Mummolo?

Engaging with Frank means tapping into a wealth of experience that spans the full spectrum of business management and growth. His approach is not just about achieving short-term gains; it's about fostering sustainable, long-term success. With Frank, businesses don't just grow; they evolve and thrive. Discover the difference that seasoned expertise and strategic foresight can make for your business with Frank Mummolo.

Proven Results by Frank Mummolo

Explore key successes and transformative achievements from Frank Mummolo's extensive experience in driving business growth and profitability. These highlights showcase his ability to deliver tangible results across various industries.

Rapid Turnaround Expertise

Transformed a $20M manufacturing company from loss to profitability within just 90 days.

Fortune 500 Success Story

Revitalized a $60M high-tech division of a Fortune 500 company, turning losses into a $100M venture with 23% pre-tax profit.

Strategic Growth and Sale

Elevated a $24M manufacturing company to $49M in revenue with improved profit margins, culminating in a lucrative $53M sale in three years.

Small Business Growth Specialist

Led a $6M manufacturing company from marginal profits to $13M in revenue and 19% pre-tax profit.

Startup Success Architect

Guided a startup to nearly $1M in first-year revenue with an impressive 26% pre-tax profit.

International Business Revival

Boosted the struggling U.S. division of a UK company from $1.6M to $14M in revenue in under four years.

Consultant Mentorship Leader

Trained numerous business consultants, enhancing their expertise across a broad spectrum of business disciplines.

About The 6 Cylinder Success® Business Growth System

The 6 Cylinder Success® System is a revolutionary business growth method that focuses on building profitability before revenue using tested, proven techniques in six areas of business that are known to be critical to creating a sustainable, profitable enterprise.

Unlike many other business growth processes, the 6 Cylinder Success® System teaches that a revenue growth initiative should not be launched not until a solid profitability model is in place. This profit model is established by implementing correct pricing procedures, benchmarking the business against others in its space and by establishing lean, efficient, and systematic operating procedures.

The 6 Cylinder Success® System focuses on Profit, not Revenue, subscribing to the belief that: 

Revenue feeds your EGOProfits feed your FAMILY!

Sales & Marketing

Boost Your Business Profitability

Join the ranks of successful entrepreneurs who've transformed their businesses with the 6 Cylinder Success® system. Schedule your complimentary consultation and take the first step towards a more profitable future today!

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