Profit Health Check

Unlock The Hidden Profit Potential In Your Business​

Profit Health Check

If your idea of growing a business is spending a fortune on marketing to generate leads, then you are probably leaving a lot of money on the table. Too many people invest in scaling up a business before they construct a model that maximizes profitability. Check these 10 questions below and find out how well your business is doing.

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1. When I set pricing, I do it with a specific profit target in mind*
2. I use a Job Tracking System that allows me to compare my estimated and actual costs on a job*
3. I have a written annual operating budget*
4. I understand what sets me apart from my competition and use this information in my marketing*
5. I have had professional training to hone my sales skills*
6. I have Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P.) Manuals for my employees*
7. I never compete on price*
8. I rarely work more than 45 hours a week*
9. My company generally has all the business it can handle*
10. I am satisfied with the amount of money I am making*
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